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($19/100g) We'll be in touch about the weight of your Wagyu Tomahawk and payment details as the delivery date approaches. The Tomahawk is priced at $19 per 100g, the initial $70 paid is a deposit. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions (WhatsApp 914511344)


Elevate your Christmas feast with our exquisite Wagyu Tomahawk, lovingly prepared with a tantalizing blend of Black Garlic, aromatic Marjoram, fragrant Rosemary, and a touch of Salt and Pepper. Every bite is a symphony of rich, savory flavors, creating a festive celebration like no other.

Wagyu Tomahawk

  • Serves:

    3 - 6 persons

  • Weight:


  • Ingredients:

    Wagyu Tomahawk | Spice Rub - Spiced Rub - Black Garlic | Marjoram | Rosemary | Salt | Pepper

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