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IBC Floorplan (blk).png
IBC Floorplan (blk).png


Those who do not comply with the house rules will be removed and access will be denied.

1. You are obliged to order a consumption. You may only consume this consumption within our premises.  (No corkage / No BYOB)


2. Properties of our restaurant may not be taken outside or moved without consultation; this also includes (remnants of) drinks and food.


3. If you discover that you have caused damage or destruction, you will be fully liable for repair and / or renewal.


4. You are responsible for your own property. We accept no responsibility in the event of theft, loss and / or damage.


5. We ask you to return lost property that is not yours to one of the employees.


6. We try to satisfy everyone’s preferences regarding the choice of table, unfortunately this is not always possible. In Bad Company will not be taking in any reservations for the time being, walk-ins only on a first-come-first-served basis. 


7. We love animals however no pets are allowed within our premises.


8. Any form of aggression towards guests and staff is forbidden. Annoying and / or offensive behaviour will not be tolerated.


9. Access to In Bad Company can be refused if you are tipsy or drunk. No alcoholic beverages will be served to tipsy or drunk people.

Cleaning fee will be charged to your bill if you vomit within our premises.


10. In accordance with the law, we do not serve alcohol to guests under the age of 18. In case of doubt, we will ask for identification.


11. When entering and leaving our premise, we ask you not to cause excessive noise such as screaming or damaging or stealing property from third parties.


12. Camera surveillance: With a visit to our restaurant you agree that video recordings can be made. Pictures can be shown to third parties after irregularities or accidents.

13. No baby chairs will be available, please take note if you are planning to bring an infant / child to In Bad Company that our seatings consist mostly of high counter tables and bar chairs. Please do not bring your baby pram or any bulky possessions into the restaurant. 

Thank you & we seek for your cooperation!

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