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Salt Baked Cabbage

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Eat your veggies kiddos!

An interesting fact that you may not have known if our Chef Owner (Tim) has not graced you with his presence; "Long story short," the focus of the dishes at In Bad Company are mainly on the vegetables - Each component you see in the dishes has been through a process of sort. In this instance, the red cabbage that you'd find in your Early Spring dish is actually salt-baked.

The technique, which involves coating the vegetables in dry kosher salt and egg white mixture to create a crust. Once baked, the crust is then cut open, revealing the red cabbage that has been gently cooked in its own juices, yielding an evenly cooked and beautifully soft texture. The cabbage and tri-coloured carrots are then roasted on the Bincho grill before serving.

Featured dish: Early Spring

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