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Prawn Jus

Making a fresh stock from scratch is an essential component when making a risotto. Here at In Bad Company we don't skimp and save on crucial steps like these especially when the main ingredient is the rice. Thus, the way the rice is flavoured boils down (pun intended) to the ingredients and stock that is used during cooking.

Firstly, the lobster and prawn shells are roasted in the oven over a bed of leeks, celery, carrots, onions, and thyme.

The roasted shells, vegetables and herb are then boiled using a slow simmer to extract all its juicy flavours.

When the stock is cooled, it is blended into a smooth paste and seasoned, and then filtered through a strainer to get rid of any leftover prawn or lobster shells.

Finally, the stock is boiled once more on high heat till the liquid is reduced. This would concentrate the flavours even more!

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