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Gravy Baby x In Bad Company

In this pop-up, both Carmen and Tim dug deep into their Peranakan backgrounds.

All hands on deck for this once-in-a-lifetime event with Carmen /GravyBaby.

Dinners at Tim's grandma's home were full of hearty, robust flavours - grandma didn't skimped on the spices. Nobody left the table without a satisfied and full belly. Similarly, Carmen remembers her childhood being surrounded by a big family at the dinner table - 29 cousins to be exact! Carmen's alter ego, "Gravy Baby" is where she embodies her Teochew-Peranakan roots and recreates her childhood foods and flavours by injecting her own style, curating fun and unexpected dishes.

R&D (Research and Development) started in the early stages of In Bad Company - July 2021 to be exact. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was this event menu 😌

Gravy Baby & Daddy’s Otak Otak Pate

Norwegian mackerel, gravy baby rempah, crispy crouton, achar of Japanese cucumbers, charcoal burnt pineapples, carrots, purple cabbage & pine nuts

^ This was so mind blowing, it made it to Season 1 of our 2022 menu

Grilled stuffed squid

Bincho grilled squid , stuffing of buah keluak, black beans & okra, bamboo shoots & pineapple salad

Rendang Linguine

Grilled chicken hearts, fried pig’s ears, kaffir lime leaf oil

Plantation Ondeh Ondeh

Steamed sweet potato balls, desiccated coconut, gula melaka, pineapple, Plantation rum

After many missed opportunities and covid bloopers, we finally did it on 8th of January 2022! We hoped you guys enjoyed it as much as we did, and for those of you who missed this opportunity, go beg Tim & Carmen for another collaboration.

Till next time!

Love, Team IBC

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