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Citrus Spiced Okra Seeds

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

The Okra dish, although seemingly more like a prawn dish to many, is actually made up of more okra than you'd expect!

Firstly, the reduction or jus you'd find lining the bottom of your plate is made from a prawn and okra reduction - Where roasted prawn shells are combined with a mirepoix to create a stock. After the seeds of the okra is removed, the remaining flesh is used to thicken this "prawn stock" further. The okra flesh with its sticky, gum-like texture acts like a roux.

Eating okra seeds is no special novelty, because everyone who has crunched into an okra pod has consumed them. However, we have removed the okra seeds and repurposed them in this dish to carry the sourness from the lime that would pair perfectly with seafood - Without a lime, we would often find a dish like this too rich (or 'jelak' which means "bored", a local colloquial we use to describe food that is extremely rich or greasy). Instead of throwing in a whole wedge of lime, what we have done is to marinate the okra seeds with juice from a lime and Japanese seven spice (a.k.a Togarashi).

So as you dig in to this dish, we would recommend you to have a bite of prawn along with a seed.

Featured dish: Okra

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